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H2O Tank

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H2Style Tank

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About Us

H2O technical products, plastic buckets, South Korea’s pioneer in the country since 1999. Plastic water tank H2O proper manufacturing standards ensuring high-quality 5-year, 15-year and 20-year-solid, no moss , rust dye and water, not hot. can communicate directly with the police building 290 across the country. H2O supply of goods on the market, such as: plastic water tanks, water tanks, stainless, icebox manure storage tank (Septic tank) Special powder branded cards, wall Family.

If you want to buy our product, please contact us according to your location at the following phone number
Phone Number
Head Office 012 999 996
Poipet Branch 012 660 784
Kampot Branch 012 922 014
Sihanoukville Branch 012 172 49 59, 012 836 856
Kampong Cham Branch 012 790 252, 011 659 686, 092 812 248
Koh Kong Branch 012 932 393
Battambang Branch 012 855 844, 012 867 567
Pohsat Branch 012 832 165
Banteay Mean Chey Branch 012 83 70 38
Siam Reap Branch 012 301212
Kampong Speu Branch 017 98 9999

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